Fun Facts About Audi You Didn’t Know

When it comes to premium car models, there aren’t many that can keep up with the Audi brand. With a foundation of strong design, an impeccable racing pedigree, and cutting edge technology in each of its cars, the Audi brand is in a league of its own in the automobile industry. But did you also know that the Audi brand has quite the history in the automotive world?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few fun facts about Audi that you might not have known.

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Audi Means “Hear” in Latin

When August Horch founded his first-ever car company called A. Horch and Cie. in 1899, he likely wasn’t aware of what his future would hold in the automotive world. Soon after leaving A. Horch and Cie, Horch would go on to start a new company using his surname, which in German means “hear” and in Latin means “Audi.”

The Audi Logo Represents the Four Companies of the Auto Union

In 1932, following a legal battle between Horch and his former company, Horch and Audi decided to form something called the Auto Union with two other German carmakers, DKW and Wanderer. As part of the agreement, each business was allocated a different market segment. Horch was going to make high-end luxury cars, Audi focused on pre-owned midsize cars, DKW would create smaller cars and motorcycles, and Wanderer was primarily focused on making regular mid-size cars.

Audi was the First Company to Crash-Test Vehicles

While many are familiar with Volvo when it comes to automotive safety, the Audi brand was indeed the first auto manufacturer to perform crash tests with their own vehicles. In these crash tests, Audi’s engineers simply rolled their cars down a hill in front of several spectators to see how the car would perform in a crash. As you can imagine, they looked much different than the crash tests you will see today.

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Written by Hollin Hall Automotive