About Our Shop in Alexandria, VA

ASE Certified--Hollin Hall Automotive

Dear Valued Customer,

Almost forty years have gone by since almost all service stations in America transitioned to self-service gasoline. During this entire period, Hollin Hall Automotive continued to provide outstanding service to its loyal customers. The reason that no other service station provides any service at all is simple…There is little to no profit in gasoline and certainly not enough to warrant even a single minimum wage attendant. With the price of gasoline skyrocketing, ever-increasing costs associated with the price of gasoline (i.e. credit card fees), Metro tax, etc…We have been forced to make the extremely painful decision to join the ranks of all other gasoline retailers and eliminate customer service at the fuel islands. That doesn’t mean that our attention to our customers will lag at all. Only that you’ll be able to use our gas station in a more convenient self-service manner.

Our customers have found that we’re still the same experts working from the same expert facility. We’re the service experts that you’ve come to depend on. Hollin Hall Automotive respects its customers and their individual needs. We will continue to have someone available to help those customers who are not familiar with operating the pumps, and certainly we will help anyone who physically cannot pump their own gas.

Come Meet Our Team

We’re ASE Certified technicians that have displayed a commitment to excellence since Day One, sixty years ago. Quality customer service is more about an attitude than it is an action. Even if we are no longer a full service gas station, we still approach every service experience with the same attention to detail. Hollin Automotive in Alexandria, VA will keep you on the road because that’s where your vehicle belongs; not on the side of the road or in our service bay. We want to avoid costly auto repairs just like you do. Our service expertise prevents costly repairs and wasted time. None of us has time to waste, and that’s why Alexandria motorists choose Hollin Hall Automotive to keep them on the road. For your convenience, we’ve also kept our vehicle drop-off/pick-up services available. Whether you need gas, repairs, or maintenance, we’re the shop that keeps you going.