5 Eye-Opening Facts About Toyotas

It's More Than Just Corollas

You probably know that Toyota Motor Corporation is a wildly popular automobile manufacturer, but did you know that the company has a long and fascinating history as one of the world’s most influential brands? Here are five fun facts about the brand that demonstrate the richness of its past and the positive future it has in store.

1. Toyotas Came to the United States in 1957

While the first Toyota car was created in the 1930s for use as a war vehicle, the brand did not make its way to the United States until 1957. The Crown sedan was the first Toyota vehicle to be sold in the US at that time.

2. Toyota is Huge in the US Job Market

Many of Toyota’s vehicles are made in the United States, specifically sedans and pick-up trucks. The company has created 365,000 American jobs and contributed 30,000 more in a variety of its sectors.

3. The Company Has Broken Production Records

Besides being known for achieving outstanding sales numbers, Toyota is famous for breaking records in auto production multiple times. Recently, the auto manufacturer became the first to produce 10 million cars over a single year.

4. Toyota Used to Make Power Looms

Sakichi Toyoda of Japan created Toyota as a company and was its first CEO in 1933, but his original focus was far removed from vehicles. He created the automatic power loom and opened his company with that machine as his focus. It was the capital from selling these looms that eventually allowed Toyoda to create the automobiles known and loved by drivers today.

5. Toyotas Are Green Vehicles

Toyota was named a “Global Green Brand” in 2015, coming in at first place on the list. The Prius was one of the first cars from the brand to be recognized as an environmentally friendly vehicle. It was released in the mid-2000s and began Toyota’s legacy as a brand committed to building environmentally sound products.

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Written by Hollin Hall Automotive