Volkswagen Repair Services Alexandria, VA

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Volkswagens are built with their owners in mind. In German, Volkswagen actually means the "People’s Car." With auto repair services and scheduled maintenance, your Volkswagen can continue to be the "People’s Car" as it was intended—driving you to work, taking you to the grocery store, or even taking a cross-country road trip.

At Hollin Hall Automotive, we keep this in mind. By hiring ASE Certified Technicians and factory trained mechanics, you can rest assured that your car will be repaired right the first time. Because your Volkswagen was built to specific European standards, it requires Volkswagen trained technicians who have access to Volkswagen specific parts and tools.

Thinking about purchasing a pre-owned Volkswagen? Our mechanics at Hollin Hall Automotive can perform a thorough inspection of the car, and set your mind at ease when deciding on such an important decision.